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My latest obsession.

Please excuse my large ass and thunder thighs, but I’m in love with these boots. And I’ve been working on my legs and I think my calves look good.

Can we talk about how I’m basically cute as hell and you should probably date me?
Just kidding! But for reals someone come date me. ;-)


Current mood: Mindy Kaling saying “How dare you.”

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I’d just really like someone to be close to right now. I’m craving intimacy. In the simplest of ways.

Weekends are extremely too short.

I’m not even close to a decision and it’s a problem.

Remember when it used to be fun staying home sick? Like yay! I don’t have to go to school and no one is going to yell at me about it!
Now it’s just stressful. Like am I going to be able to pay all my bills if I miss work today?

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I want all the food right now. Ughhh.
Also, I’ve eaten like ten pieces of taffy.

The result of mid day naps and an impending cold.

I just bought a tshirt with Wonder Woman on it that says ‘don’t tell Superman’. It’s fair to say it’s my new favorite.

Linda + alcohol

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Guys, I don’t drink enough. I picked up a pumpkin ale at the store after work and I’m tipsy! From one beer. Lordy, I’m a lightweight.

There’s something about folding your clean underwear in public that makes me uneasy. My dryer is broken right now so I had to do laundry at a laundry mat…and I’m just weird about it. :-/