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Are you kidding? I am trained for nothing!

My neck is all messed up and I’m already in bed laying on an ice pack… so, talk to me! Ask me things. Tell me about your day. Tell me what’s bothering you or what is making everything okay right now. Just distract me for awhile. :)

I’m renting a house out at the ocean over Labor Day. I honestly can’t wait to be in a hurry to do nothing, drink for three days, and relax while listening to the waves.

There is nothing that scares me more than my own mind.

I chopped my hair off, had a minor freak out, and now I think I like it.

I felt good today.

If you haven’t watched Married at First Sight yet…do it. It’s oddly fascinating.

Rough day but I look good. ;-)

I’ve had an awful self image lately. I’m trying oh so hard to change that.

Plus I have a family reunion this weekend… we’ll see how triggering that is.

All I need and want tonight is someone to lay with me and rub my head.

I just spent an entire three day weekend wine tasting and touring wineries. Is it possible to have that as a full time job? Just curious. I like my job and I don’t even want to go tomorrow. Someone write me a get-out-of-work note asap.

Also, I actually got a little tan…my mexican is showing.


Happy Father’s Day to all the people who have lost their fathers and happy Father’s Day to all the people who had complicated relationships with their fathers before they lost them. It’s okay and your feelings, even if they contradict themselves, are important and you’re not alone.

I love you, Dad. I always will.

Being part of the dead dad’s club is hard on days like this. You think it’ll get better but it doesn’t. It just feels different after some time, but it’s never better.

New job jitters. I’m starting a new job tomorrow, wish me luck!

Ovarian cysts can seriously suck it and die.