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So…there has been a few thoughts running through my mind as of late. Well, actually more than a few. Naturally. However, these are the ones that are nagging at me and no longer allowing me to sit silently. (Which in my normal everyday life, I am anything but silent.)

Anyway, as we close in the last month to the 2012 Presidential Election I have noticed that the hypocrisy is ramping up in true, uninformed American style. While I do not claim to ever know all there is to know, I do try to keep myself informed as much as I can. For me this includes everything from the candidates policies to watching how they speak to people. This also includes knowing each parties’ stance on every issue that matters to me and my family and how their choices are going to affect me in the long run.

I believe that everyone is absolutely entitled to their own views and opinions. They are entitled to choice their belief system and just like me, they have the right to pick what is right for them.
What gets to me, and this is my opinion, is when people start spouting off BS that has no shred of truth what so ever. Just because you want to believe it doesn’t make it so. If you hear something or read something, check it out. Read up. Find all the facts and inform yourself.

Also, if you see something that doesn’t have a source or facts to back it up… How about you find some facts to either back it up or contradict it instead of just blasting the person? Just calling someone out and adding nothing of importance isn’t really productive, now is it?

I know you can actually do it! I mean come on people, we’re talking about the generation that can build a website in a couple hours. One that can handle a full course load, a job, and manage to waste however many hours a night on tumblr.

Just a thought.

This also doesn’t just apply to politics…


If you have a mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter or have your own uterus you need to see this video.

Even though the press has predictably lost interest in covering it, the war on women is absolutely and shockingly real. For a fun exercise in self-control, try to make it through this entire video without punching a hole in something.

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Well here’s a headline you don’t see every day…

at first i saw the quote he said and i was like “whoa… but i don’t know if i should trust this website that seems pretty exaggerated”

but then i saw a video of mitt romney saying the entire quote. holy shit

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"Stop blaming welfare recipients, unions, immigrants, gays… for your problems."

Barack Obama

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My brother-in-law brought this video to my attention..

Mitt Romney accidentally confronts a gay Vietnam veteran 


GA Senate Passes Anti-Abortion Legislation



Women in the Georgia Senate walk off the Senate floor after the vote

SB 438  prohibits any state employee insurance plans from covering abortions. There is no exemption for the health of the mother’s life. So, if a woman nearly dies giving childbirth and a life-saving abortion has to be performed, the women will be stuck with the bill. No amendments were allowed.

The Georgia Senate passed HB 438 by a vote of 33-18.

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"When it comes to women, they don’t get rights. They get restrictions… I have five daughters and eight granddaughters, and the one thing I worry about more than anything else is their health. I like to see their happy faces. I like to see them feeling good… So I want them to have doctors making decisions, not some employer who has a self-righteous moral view that he wants to impose on my daughter, my granddaughter, my wife. Nuh uh. On our side of the aisle, we believe that women are capable of making their own healthcare decisions."

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), is a man who trusts women. Lautenberg made these comments at today’s hearing on the Blunt Amendment. (via menwhotrustwomen)

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"No, you can’t deny women their basic rights and pretend it’s about your “religious freedom.” If you don’t like birth control, don’t use it. Religious freedom doesn’t mean you can force others to live by your own beliefs."

President Barack Obama

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There’s been heaps of discussion about this since I posted it. To be fair, the people defending the quote may have a valid point. To be honest, I don’t know the complete context of the quote because I haven’t watched the whole speech. What I do know is that it makes some economic sense to have “inequality” in the sense that a wide spread of different incomes across society allows a viable market to operate where some people are so called “job creators” and some people are workers. From a Republican viewpoint, having equal incomes would probably mean socialism and, from an economic standpoint, equal-income-socialism probably wouldn’t work as a system. It would fail quite quickly.

On the other side of the coin, the quote is quite offensive because of its crass lack of tact. It’s a terrible way to phrase Republican doctrine. Perhaps he should have said that it’s okay/normal/perfectly fine for people to earn a variety of different incomes, both high and low, and that this creates a working system.

Overall the thing is, people should be able to work and try and attain a good, living wage. A system of inequality should not be promoted. A fair system should be promoted. And that goal is not helped by people like Santorum. 


Am I the only one who finds it weird that he says “public square” instead of “public sphere”? 

Woman: Can I have birth control?
Government: No.
Woman: I got pregnant because I didn't have birth control and I don't want the fetus. Can I have an abortion?
Government: No.
Woman: I gave birth to my child but since I wasn't expecting it, I can't afford daycare. Can I have help paying for it?
Government: No.


it’s a good time to be a journalist

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Univision News - iLatino explores the S*** politicians say to Latinos (by Univision)

laughing so I don’t cry

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Jonathan Schmock

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